Kase Scenarios – Dark Waters

April 16, 2023 - CTF

So if you haven’t heard of it already, this is my write up for the Kase Scenarios OSINT challenge called Dark Waters.

To give you a bit of background information, this is the offical intro..

Welcome to Dark Waters, a scenario that allows you to take on the role of Investigative Journalist Alec Wolfe as he uncovers deadly secrets about a small town in Pennsylvania.

Through Alec, you will experience first-hand what it’s like to collect, analyze, and verify a breaking news piece for a newspaper. This scenario is designed to challenge and encourage you throughout the story to implement Open Source Intelligence and digital investigation techniques including:

  1. Social media analysis
  2. Visually extracting key data points from an image or video
  3. Applying tools, methods, and resources to answer contextual questions to uncover the truth.

When you have completed this scenario you should be comfortable applying tools and methodologies frequently used in digital investigations including journalism. You learn to pivot from key data points and collect information used to answer investigative questions.


If you’re stuck on a question you will have the option to receive a hint. Remember there’s a lot to learn from being stuck on challenges. Before taking a hint, be sure you have explored all options, resources, and tools at your disposal. Take a hint when you’re absolutely sure you have tried everything in your toolset.


So lets get started.

But before I do I’d also like to say, I have omitted parts of the storyline and visual creativity as this is what makes this challenge so much fun. Where possible I don’t want to spoil the drama Kase Scenarios have worked so hard to create and I want to try and focus only on whats important for my learning journey. If you like what you see, definitely sign up to experience it in person at https://courses.kasescenarios.com/courses/dark-waters


With that said, lets really get started.

The scene is set with Alec and his boss George after the following letter is received.. it seems there might be something dark happening in Glen Rock.